Anime etc. is edited by Carlos Nakajima and Andrew Osmond. It presents a selection of journalism by Andrew Osmond – reviews, articles and interviews about film, animation and anime.

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About the Page

The title ‘Anime etc.’ reflects the fact that much of Osmond’s past and current journalism is about anime, but it also covers other films and animation. The Mascot character at the top of the page is a tanuki (たぬき or 狸), a member of the dog family which is native to Japan. In anime, it figures in such titles as the film Pom Poko and the TV series The Eccentric Family. The tanuki on Anime etc. was created by Yusuke Hara and it is called Pon-der.

About Andrew Osmond

Andrew Osmond

My name is Andrew Osmond. I’m a British freelance journalist who lives in Ascot near London, but who can frequently be found in Tokyo. I’ve freelanced since the mid-1990s, often specialising in animation, anime and fantasy media. (There is more information about me at this page.)

If you have something you would like me to write, please contact me through this form with the details, including word count and pay rate.

I’ve written four books to date: 100 Animated Feature Films (BFI) covers everything from Akira to Toy Story. I also wrote a “BFI Film Classic” book on Hayao Miyazaki’s Oscar-winning fantasy animation Spirited Away; a study of the 1995 Ghost in the Shell animated film; and Satoshi Kon: The Illusionist (Stone Bridge Press), about the brilliant anime director of Perfect Blue and Paprika who died tragically young in 2010. There is more information about these books here.

My film articles and reviews have appeared in Sight & Sound and Empire magazines and The Guardian newspaper. I also had a monthly film column in Judge Dredd Megazine from 2009 to 2012. I write about science-fiction and fantasy media for SFX magazine.

My anime journalism appears in Neo magazine and on the All The Anime commercial blog. I also gather UK news for Anime News Network. 

About Carlos Nakajima


My name is Carlos Nakajima. Born in the Japanese city of Sapporo, I am the founder and manager of the Eiga Channel, an online series of films about Japanese independent films, which has run since 2011. There are more than a hundred episodes available at https://eigachannel.com/. At the moment, the channel is Japanese-only. The Eiga Channel has interviewed directors including Shinichiro Ueda (director of One Cut of the Dead), Miyuki Fukuda (the animated complex x COMPLEX), Tetsuya Mariko (Destruction Babies), Koji Maeda (Sailor Suit and Machine Gun – Graduation), Hiroki Yamaguchi (the Messiah series, Gusher no Binds Me) and Toru Hano (Thunderfish).

I love Brazil and its culture, and I play drums and the cavaquinho in the samba. I am a journalist for the Jornal Sao Paulo Shimbun, aimed at the Brazilian-Japanese community. I am the founder of the company Bricolage, which creates film and digital media.

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