Anthem of the Heart

(Neo, Uncooked Media - There are also further observations on the film in an article I wrote for the AllTheAnime blog.) Ever since she made a terrible mistake in her childhood, schoolgirl Jun has been afraid of speaking. But then she’s...

Martian Successor Nadesico

(Neo, Uncooked Media) 2196: the Earth is under attack from the mysterious “Jovian Lizards”. A new ship is launched against the enemy, the Nadesico, with the most eccentric crew imaginable. But they’ll learn that everything they think about the war is...

Pieta in the Toilet

My article on the Japanese live-action film Pieta in the Toilet is available on the AllTheAnime blog.

Article: Hayao Miyazaki Vs Alan Moore

My article on 'Hayao Miyazaki Vs. Alan Moore' is on the ManagaUK website.

Mardock Scramble

(I reviewed the first Mardock Scramble film in Neo magazine, Uncooked Media, below. My reviews of the second and third films are linked underneath.) In a future New York where cars drive on air and technology resembles magic, a wretched...